My Instagram obsession continues

The other day fellow blogger Ellen Crawford (and person with the same last name as me – we haven’t discussed it but I’m certain we’re not related, in case you’re wondering) tweeted a link to an article by Daily Tekk – 60 ways to print, view and share your Instagram pictures. (Check out Ellen’s lovely blog here.)

I’ve mentioned my obsession with Instagram before and I’d like to thank Ellen for continuing to enable me – thanks to this article I have found Statigram – a web interface that makes it easy to view your Instagram photos online. I’ve been a user for about five hours now and my favourite features are 1) you can see the filters that people are using on their photos and 2) it provides statistics and facts about your Instagram use.

For example:

statigram snapshot

I’m not actually too interested in the followers/following stats – I’ve made my account private as I’ve decided this blog is the avenue for sharing my photos. But the other facts are fun. Like:

  • I’m the 2,956,197th Instagram user
  • I take more photos on a Sunday than any other day of the week. My slowest day is Tuesday
  • My top five filters are: Lo-fi, Hefe, Rise, Valencia and Amaro
  • I’ve never used Apollo, Lomo-fi and Lily (has anyone? I don’t seem to have these filters available to me?)
  • I posted my first photo on 2 April 2011.

Are you using Statigram or anything similar? And does anyone know what the deal is with Apollo, Lomo-fi and Lily?

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