New blog now live


I’ve had thoughts for a good long while now about setting up another blog, one where I can practice my interviewing skills. It’s been a long time since I earned that journalism degree, and I find that if I don’t do it often enough my interviewing can be really hit and miss.

I also really liked the idea of blogging more about the ongoing changes and developments I’m seeing happen in my home town of Toowoomba.

So I combined these two motivations into my new blog: Toowoomba Living. (I know, the name is less than inspired, but then again, so is the name of this blog.)

It took me six months from registering the domain name to getting something published on the site (life is hard sometimes). But now it’s up and people know it’s there I hope I can continue to publish regular content that my Toowoomba people (and others) find interesting and useful.

Hop over and have a look if you like.

Thank you.

Nundah really was the next big thing

I lived in Brisbane for 10 years, and throughout that time worked in Virginia. I travelled through Nundah to get to work almost every day, and over that 10 years I’ve watched it transform from a not-so-spiffy place, to the bustling little village it is today.

For years people smarter than me predicted that Nundah would be the next big thing. They advised me to invest in real estate. Did I listen? No. I knew what they were saying in theory was true, but I couldn’t really see Nundah’s potential. I’m that real estate shopper that looks at the pretty pictures and nice furniture instead of the structural integrity. It was just a place I went through to get to work.

But then a few cafes starting popping up – stalwarts Simply Duo and Jam led the way- and then a Woolworths and now there’s a full fledged village vibe happening in Nundah. The fact there are no car parks to be seen anymore is evidence enough.

Even the formerly slightly terrifying Royal pub has upped its game, recently reopening after significant refurbishment and rebranding. (I know some will protest the gentrification of another classic Aussie pub, but honestly this place was pure seediness.) It’s now home to a very decent Italian restaurant with simple, but tasty fare.

The Royal Nundah

My calzone and torta (lindt chocolate tart with salted caramel gelato) totally hit the spot at the Royal Nundah

I’m back in Brisbane housesitting for a few weeks and have dropped into Nundah several times lately to get my quota of sushi in. Toowoomba’s sushi scene has improved considerably, but it’s still not near the fresh offering of Nundah’s Sushi Edo.

Each plate is $3.50, which is quite reasonable (Still not Vancouver value but what can you do?). I don’t really venture past the plain chicken, vegetable or prawn offerings. I don’t see the need to when they are so yum!


Sushi edo

The emphasis at Sushi Edo is on fresh. Every time I’ve eaten there (embarrassingly a lot in the last few days) it’s been super fresh, with ingredients that shout flavour. I’ve ordered takeaway each time – I’m such a messy sushi eater, no one needs to be subjected to seeing that – and the service has been quick and friendly. I was happy to get my takeaway and escape actually, it’s been busy each time I’ve gone in and on the weekend there was a waitlist for a seat. Despite that, the staff seem totally on top of things.

sushi edo gyoza

And the gyoza was satisfyingly crispy on the bottom. I like it crispy.

One thing to note – they have a strict $20 Eftpos limit, so take cash or be prepared.

Sushi Edo is a fantastic addition to the newly hip Nundah. I’ll miss it when I go home. I wonder if they wouldn’t mind delivering to Toowoomba when I’m craving my next fresh sushi fix?

2015 Oscars

Firstly let’s just talk about the most shocking moment: Lady Gaga can actually sing. Sure there were some flat notes in there (that last one) but overall her voice stunned me.

Secondly, Graham Moore’s acceptance speech for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game where he urged all kids who might be contemplating suicide to stay here, stay weird and stay different was THE most moving moment of the night. I hope at least one fantastic weirdo heard him and decides to stay.

Moving on.


Margot Robbie was the first person I saw and she set the bar so incredibly high not many people came near. She’s my pick for best dressed, because she made what could look like a nightgown from an episode of Dynasty look sleek, sexy and totally amazing. Her hair, makeup and that amazing necklace was everything.

oscars best dressed

Left to right: Margot Robbie, Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike and Jenna Dewan Tatum

Also, is Margot giving some kind of signal to someone with that hand gesture?

I predicted more sparkle and more black for Reese but I’m happy to be proven wrong with this study in elegance. Simple, gorgeous, yes. It’s blue right? It’s hard to tell in the pics.

Rosamund was a welcome surprise in red, ditching her black and white palette for this dramatic dress. With the scalloped edges, embroidery, and split there’s a bit going on and it could have gone wrong, it really could have, but it all works to show her off to perfection. Love the haughty pose too.

And there was a lot of white out there but I think Jenna did it best. Fresh, with some icy sparkles and that belt, she looks like a snowflake. In a good way. Her hair and makeup is on point too, love the slick middle part and strong brows.

From left to right: Lupita Nyong'o, Faith Hill, Julianne Moore, Anna Faris and Octavia Spencer

From left to right: Lupita Nyong’o, Faith Hill, Julianne Moore, Anna Faris and Octavia Spencer

Also in white, Lupita, who wore a dress made of 6000 pearls and rocked it like absolutely no one else ever could.

I quite like Faith’s long sleeves and her short hair.

Julianne sparkles in custom Chanel. The beading gives the illusion of a drop waist, giving the dress a 20s vibe. She looks gorgeous but I’m not 100 per cent on board. It washes her out a tad.

Anna is pure princess! She’s in the same designer (Zuhair Murad) as Jenna Dewan Tatum and Chrissy Teigen – it must be all about the sparkle in that design house! I am ok with that.

And the ruching and draping of Octavia’s dress is so pretty, even if I’m not a fan of the triangles on the bust.

From left to right: Zoe Saldana, Viola Davis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Kendrick

From left to right: Zoe Saldana, Viola Davis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anna Kendrick

Three months after having twins and Zoe is not only out of the house but all dressed up. I’m not a fan of the straps but I do like the crossover drapey bits.

Oh Viola. I predicted marsala, I was wrong. The neckline and the necklace is a bit much for me. Strapless would have improved things a bit.

Just FYI I have real trouble spelling Gwyneth. I always put the e in the wrong place. Just another example of how Gwyneth continues to make me feel inadequate in every way. I do not love that massive flower but if anyone can make it work she can.

And I love Anna in peach.

From left to right: Keira Knightley, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Chloe Moretz

From left to right: Keira Knightley, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Chloe Moretz

Keira continues her floral motif. It’s better than the Globes situation.

Jennifer Lopez is having her princess moment. I love that dress, I really do, but not sold on it for her.

I win 50 per cent of my prediction for Jen A, she’s not in black but she does have her hair out. With the result that there is a strap on one shoulder of her dress you can’t see because: hair. However I am enjoying that she’s gone with some structure and the glitz is working for her.

Not a fan of Chloe’s bedspread-esque floral dress.

From left to right: Felicity Jones, Chrissy Teigen, Laura Dern and Naomi Watts

From left to right: Felicity Jones, Chrissy Teigen, Laura Dern and Naomi Watts

Sorry Felicity, but as soon as you go for that high neck look I’m out.

Chrissy, wowsers. There’s a lot going on here, not least of all that massive split that makes me hope for her sake there were no high speed winds on that carpet. She’s gorgeous but that split is too much.

Laura Dern has gone gladiator a slightly scary, heavy looking metallic dress, that nevertheless looks fantastic on her.

Naomi’s dress has been described has looking like a wall of bricks. I concur with that assessment but reserve the right to like it.

From left to right: Emma Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Kidman and Scarlett Johansson

From left to right: Emma Stone, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Kidman and Scarlett Johansson

I did say I wanted to see Emma in Elie Saab, but I’m certain I did not order chartreuse! I can’t stand this colour in real life, but for one night, in sparkles, on the unique and fabulous Emma Stone I’ll give it a pass. She has the ability to take something that should be complete shit and make it shiny. Love her.

Jennifer Hudson is pretty inoffensive in a yellow column dress.

Nicole Kidman what. Your dress is like a hologram and also the bottom looks like you were shipwrecked for days before arriving on the red carpet. The red sash is the best thing about it.

Has someone saved Scarlett from the flesh eating plant that’s attached to her neck yet?

From left to right: Dakota Johnson, Diane Kruger, Dorith Mous, Giuliana Rancic

From left to right: Dakota Johnson, Diane Kruger, Dorith Mous, Giuliana Rancic

Dakota looks sleek and sexy, even if I think the pony tail should have been styled up a bit.

Diane Kruger totally killing a red pant suit and cape contraption at the Vanity Fair party.

Who in the name is Dorith Mous? Um, I like her hair?

Giuliana does look great in red, even if it is a bit ballroom dancing championship 1987 up top there.

From left to right:

From left to right: Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Kate Upton, Jessica Chastain and Sienna Miller

Oh Cate. Taking turquoise and putting it front and centre like a boss. I love it. It takes an otherwise plain black gown and lifts it.

Meryl is all business. I love this too – sleek but feminine.

Kate Upton is making that black dress #work at the Vanity Fair party. In love with the structure of the bodice.

I feel like if we just peeled off the cowl part of Jessica’s dress things would be much better. That colour though – so great on her.

And damn it, I want to hate this (because Sienna) but I can’t. I love that the fabric seems to have a shimmer to it, probably one of those dresses that’s even better up close.

From left to right: Rashida Jones, Sofia Vergara, Gina Rodriguez and Julianne Hough with Nina Dobrev

From left to right: Rashida Jones, Sofia Vergara, Gina Rodriguez and Julianne Hough with Nina Dobrev

So Rashida seems to do this floral deep v combo a bit. That’s all I’m going to say.

Sofia Vergara wow. Embellished, figure hugging and that colour, it’s all working.

Gina looks so pretty but is this dress Oscar material? It wouldn’t look out of place at many formals these days. However, I do like it.

And besties Julianne and Nina both look beautiful, although I’m Team Dobrev for life.

Now for my least favourites.

From left to right: Kerry Washington, Heidi Klum, Gaga and Marion Cotillard

From left to right: Kerry Washington, Heidi Klum, Gaga and Marion Cotillard

Kerry Washington whyyyyyy is this happening? The mix of textures just isn’t working.

Heidi Klum ugh. This is my least favourite. This is not the Grammys or VMAs, put your lady bits away Heidi.

Gaga is gaga but those red gloves oh my LOL. Lol. Just LOL.

And the back of Marion’s dress looks very similar to an outfit that my seven month old niece might wear. That is: a nappy.

On to the men. A tux is a tux is a tux, right? There’s not much room for individuality, but some guys pull it off better than others.

From left to right: Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt and Steve Carrell

From left to right: Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt and Steve Carrell

I’m finding Bradley’s shiny face a bit disturbing tbh. It looks a bit…interfered with?

Haiiii Channing Tatum, love you in a suit, even if it is with weird bouffy hair. Please make your hair do something different. Thanks.

Chris Pratt – so cute.

And Steve – I loooove him in red carpet mode. His tailoring is amazing.

From left to right: Common, Eddie Redmayne, Keith Urban and John Stamos

From left to right: Common, Eddie Redmayne, Keith Urban and John Stamos

Velvet looks good on Common.

I like the deep navy on Eddie, THE most adorably dorkish Oscar winner ever.

Keith. Your hair is out of control and this pose is just too funny.

Soooo. What was John Stamos doing there? His red pocket square is actually a bit distracting, but he does cut a fine figure.

From left to right: Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Ethan Hawke and Kevin Hart

From left to right: Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Ethan Hawke and Kevin Hart

Michael. Stop ruining your nice red carpet look by chewing gum all the time. Ergh, I do not want to see your jaw working every time the camera’s on you.

I am having a resurgence of love for Edward Norton. He’s just so adorable.

OMG. Ethan’s brownish suit is giving me total Reality Bites vibes and I LOVE IT.

Kevin looks quite sharp in white.

From left to right: THE ROCK!, Pacey and Diane, Jen and her man, Jen and Emma AKA the best thing ever and

From left to right: THE ROCK!, Pacey and Diane, Jen and her man, Jen and Emma AKA the best thing ever and the always hot Tatums.

Just look at Pacey and Diane staring into each other’s eyes. OMG. Best.

Photos from Pop Sugar and – they’re not mine, with no intention to claim copyright.

The Oscars is coming!

To gear up for the Oscars I’m taking a look at what some of the presenters and nominees have been wearing so far in 2015 and based on pure guesswork, making some wild predictions about what they may wear on the night.

We’ve noticed how Reese Witherspoon is absolutely killing it in every red carpet appearance right? She’s injected some sexy into her America’s Sweetheart thing and it’s working a treat. That body hugging deep purple BAFTAS gown is the business.

Reese Witherspoon

Left to right: at the Critics’ Choice, SAG awards, Golden Globes and BAFTAS

I think Reese will continue her recent trend of form fitting gowns. I predict black with a dramatic train and a sprinkle of sparkle. And I love how in all of these looks she keeps accessories to a minimum – maybe as an Oscar nominee she’s been waiting to bust out a statement necklace on the night itself? Most of all I hope that sassy, knowing smirk makes a return.

Jennifer Aniston

From left to right: Critics’ Choice, SAG awards, Golden Globes

Jennifer Aniston is presenting and it is my sincere hope we see her in something couture, modern and less 90s. Preferably without the deep V neckline, which I just don’t think is her best look tbh. We can probably bet money she’ll be wearing black with her hair out, but I’d love to see her in something surprising. Like, hair up, backless and bright red.

Julianne Moore

From left to right: At the Critics’ Choice, SAG, Golden Globes and BAFTAS

One lady who doesn’t need any encouragement to take fashion risks is the incomparable Julianne Moore. That emerald dress = YES. She wears colour so well, I hope she keeps it up and steers clear of black. I can see her adding sparkle, (as an Oscar nominee she has to top that Golden Globes frock) in a form fitting silhouette. I’d love to see a deep, midnight blue on her, in a luxe, heavy fabric.

Emma Stone

Emma thinks it’s ok to wear half a tux, half a sheer skirt, so we know she’s ok with adventurous fashion. Her Golden Globes look is perfection but for the Oscars it’s time to put the pants away and go big. I’m predicting Lanvin and texture – maybe lace, maybe chiffon or silk for a girlie but edgy glam look. If anyone wears cocktail length, a dress with pockets, or a belt I’m expecting it’s Emma.

From left to right: People's Choice, SAG awards, Golden Globes

From left to right: People’s Choice, SAG awards, Golden Globes

Hello elegance! Love that red Golden Globes gown, especially with the matching red lip. My wild guess for Viola is she’ll stick with the pink and red palette she’s been working – maybe she’ll give colour of the year marsala a go?

From left to right: at the Critics' Choice and Golden Globes

From left to right: at the Critics’ Choice and Golden Globes

Jessica can be hit or miss, but she wins the most when she chooses fabric that hugs her curves and lets her hair do that Old Hollywood thing. She’s my pick for most likely to wear a print or embellishment or surprise with a bold colour.

Rosamund Pike

From left to right: Critics’ Choice, SAG awards, Golden Globes, BAFTAs

Um, so black or white, or white or black? By the looks of this it’s time for a white dress, hopefully one without cut outs or a turtle neck. It’s my prediction Rosamund will break into colour and embrace a slightly bigger skirt. And perhaps feathers.

Finally, I’m hoping to see this Elie Saab dress. Preferably on Emma Stone.

Elie Saab


Images from Huffington Post, Pinterest and are not mine with not intention to claim copyright.

9 TV couples that should have been

Is your mind still bent from the news that Seth Cohen married Blair Waldorf IRL last year? Mine is. But in a good way. TV crossovers are the best and I wish there were more of them. How awesome would it be if Sunnydale and Mystic Falls existed in the same world? Or if Sex and the City met Melrose Place? It would be awesome to the power of 10, that’s how awesome. And if our favourite TV worlds did collide, here’s who I think the hottest new couples would be.

Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek) and Julie Cooper (The OC)

Pacey and JulieDon’t get me wrong, Pacey and Joey are end game, but Pacey and Julie Cooper together would be dynamite. We know he likes a mature lady (Miss Jacobs) and we know she likes younger guys (Luke) so the plausibility of this match is rock solid. With their combined sass and charm a Witter-Cooper union would be a short-lived fling but so entertaining while it lasted.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) and Jake Hanson (Melrose Place) 

Jake and CarrieCarrie and Big ended up together eventually but actually their relationship was the definition of toxic. That’s why I was an Aiden girl, but Aiden lacked a bit of edge for Carrie. Jake on the other hand is edge city. Moody, and not quite as…dorky…as Aiden he also has the edge on Big, because with his working class ways he can just build Carrie an idyllic closet. The only possible dealbreaker is Jake would have to move New York to make it work. After all, there is no Sex and The City without the fifth character.

Sam Winchester (Supernatural) and Elena Gilbert (Vampire Diaries)

I just noticed there's fanfic all over the internet for this pairing.

I just noticed there’s fanfic all over the internet for these two, so I’m not alone in this pairing by a long shot. Also, bangs is such a good look for Jared. Bring back the bangs Padalecki.

Elena’s likability is on a downward spiral and every time she runs back to Damon and their now tiresome relationship it slips even further. Delena need to take some time apart, maybe like three decades or so – they are vampires after all, they’ll stay pretty. In a non-Delena world Elena is free to meet new people, which is precisely what she needs. No need to worry about a second awkward girl-brother love triangle developing, Dean’s too busy with Castiel and Crowley for that to happen. I’d like to see Sam and Elena take a long vacay on a freakin’ beach somewhere so Sam can slip out of his flannels for once in his life. Also, these two are super sweet with big hearts underneath all of that supernatural drama. I know they could make it work.

Faith (Buffy/Angel) and Derek Hale (Teen Wolf) 

Derek and FaithHonestly I don’t see a long lasting affair here, but these two together have potential for epic-ness. Although she’s no longer into straight up murdering people, Faith is the ultimate bad girl, a trait that seems to appeal to Derek. And she’s still a bit of a loner, also something she has in common with Derek Hale. Just like the slayer-vampire pairing there’s all sorts of grey area conflict to make this slayer-werewolf couple a heated match, and that’s before Derek Hale takes his shirt off.

Caroline Forbes (The Vampire Diaries) and Spike (Buffy/Angel)

Spike and CarolineWhile we’re talking about vampires, let’s talk about two of the best ones ever. Separately Spike and Caroline rule; together they would dominate. Much love for Drusilla, but blonde is where Spike is at. Perky blonde girls with equal parts heart and fight, and who has more of both than Caroline Forbes? As for Caroline, we know she likes older creepy vampires with British accents so there’s no doubt there would be sparks. Actually – Candice Accola would have chemistry with a block of wood. Everyone seems to glow a little under her sparkling personality. Even Stefan. So Caroline and Spike together equals BOOM. Magic.

Serena (Gossip Girl) and Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)

These two were actually in a movie together named Savages. Who knew?! So here they are together and they do look good, even if we're missing the magic of Riggins' hair.

These two were actually in a movie together named Savages. Who knew?! So here they are together and they do look good, even if we’re missing the magic of Riggins’ hair.

Firstly let us close our eyes and imagine the gloriousness of Tim Riggins’ and Serena van der Woodsen’s hair in the same room together. The independent power of their flowing locks is incredible, but together they would almost reach Connie Britton heights. Tim and Serena would be perfection. I see them living in the South. Tim would become a football coach, Serena a stylist and they’d raise a bunch of little Rigginses (all boys). And they’d have dinner with Coach and Tami Taylor every week.

Emily Fields (Pretty Little Liars) and Alex Kelly (The OC)

Emily and AlexAlex has the perfect amount of spunk to counterbalance the sweetness of Emily, who is much too good for Beige Paige. Actually five seconds into the Rosewood world Alex would have shut down this A business altogether, because can you even imagine her taking threatening anonymous text messages lying down? Um, no. Alex is Emily’s key to a life with no murder, stalking or scheming, so Emily should put her skates on and get to Newport stat.

Brody Jenner (The Hills) and Lo Bosworth (The Hills)

Brody and his girls, Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth and Audrina Partridge

Brody and his girls, Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth and Audrina Partridge

Not a crossover, but is Lo the only girl on The Hills Brody didn’t hook up with? It would complete his set.

Vincent Chase (Entourage) and Sloan McQuewick (Entourage)

Vince and SloanAlso not a crossover. However. I am so intrigued by the possibility of a Vince-Sloan hook up. I mean, E is a mean spirited little asshole most of the time – what did the impossibly classy Sloan see in him? Plus, he slept with her step-mother (shout out to Melinda Clarke doing what she does best!). We were supposed to believe that Vince ended up with Sophia but it all seemed a little rushed. What if the reason Vince had never found the perfect lady is because his best friend beat him to it? It’s possible. But it’s also possible Vince is a robot because most of the time he seemed incapable of showing any kind of real feelings. Time will tell – the Entourage movie is coming soon and I can. not. wait.

The Faith and Derek Hale pairing would be so great I think. How can we make that happen? And who would you choose?

2015 Golden Globes

It remains ridiculous that I’m so into the Golden Globes frocks. The only time I think or care about fashion these days is when I’m complaining that I don’t fit into half my wardrobe anymore. But there’s something about an awards night sequinned dress, sideswept Old Hollywood hair and a sky-high heel that appeals to the very small part of me that’s a girly-girl.

Look, I’m all out of wit (if I ever had it), but I continue to have opinions about red carpet events. So let the non-witty judging begin.

My winners:

From left to right: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Katherine Heigl, Amy Adams and Emma Stone

From left to right: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Katherine Heigl, Amy Adams and Emma Stone

So yellow was a thing this year and I didn’t hate it. Leslie Mann and Naomi Watts also wore yellow but I liked Jenna’s the best. So soft and pretty but not overdone. Her dark hair looks awesome against the pale of her dress. Love her.

Fishtails are normally not my thing but Katherine Heigl rocks this one. I like the drama of the structure and it’s very flattering.

I liked the twisty, drapy-ness of Amy’s dress. And the colour.

And Emma Stone is perfection in her jumpsuit thing with massive bow. Hair, shoes, sparkle, pants, on point, every time. The best.

There are some mixed feelings for this next bunch.

From left to right: Katie Holmes, Kelly Osbourne, Gina Rodriguez, Lorde, Amal Clooney.

From left to right: Katie Holmes, Kelly Osbourne, Gina Rodriguez, Lorde, Amal Clooney and Jennifer Aniston.

Katie’s horsey overlong pony was not cool but the dress was. A haircut and a necklace would have been good…

Love Kelly’s dress. Continue to hate her hair.

Gina looked very sweet. Don’t know about the strange veil-like effect of the bottom half of her dress but it’s her first time out.

Lorde’s wearing a surprisingly fashion-forward look. I like the hint of midriff under the jacket. If the pants were as tailored as Emma’s it would have been a 10 but the rest of the look is a bit sloppy.

We can’t mention the Globes without mentioning Mrs Clooney and her gloves. Thumbs down from me. She looks amazing but the gloves that she “sewed this morning” should have stayed at home. They don’t fit right. Just because we’re all desperate for her to love us because she’s better than us doesn’t mean we should tell lies about how awesome her gloves are.

It was nice to see Jen put her hair up and try out a bit of edge but it’s a bit… Rachel. I am Team Aniston all the way but I don’t know. It’s like if Joey actually had become an actor and gone to an awards show this is what Rachel would have worn as his date. In the 90s.

Now for some sparkle!

From left to right:

From left to right: Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon, J.Lo, Diane Kruger.

Old Hollywood style lives on in Jessica Chastain. Her sideswept wave completes the look.

Julianne is wearing customised Givenchy couture. She looks like a glamorous ostrich. I like it.

Reese is all sparkle and sweetheart neckline and looking amazing in a dress that suits her petite frame.

J.Lo is on brand in her all-sparkle all the time diva style. She’s having a wardrobe malfunction in this pic right? There’s something going on up there in the breastal area. You see it? Anyway, she’s J.LO, she looked fucking amazing but at the same time I’m getting Glinda of The Wizard of Oz vibes.

Diane Kruger is ALWAYS gorgeous and tonight is no exception.

From left to right:

From left to right: Dakota Johnson, Anna Faris, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson, Louise Roe and Emily Blunt.

I’ve seen that some people don’t like Dakota’s dress. What’s not to like? Sparkly is good.

Anna is cute as a freakin button.

Both the Kates look incredible but I give Kate Hudson the win for the cutouts.

Who is Louise Roe? I don’t know but her dress is one of my faves. And Emily looks pretty.

From left to right: Lupita Nyong'o, Anna Kendrick, Viola Davis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Allison Williams

From left to right: Lupita Nyong’o, Anna Kendrick, Viola Davis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Allison Williams

Ok Lupita’s dress is so fun. I don’t even care that the top part looks like one of those textured swirly cushion covers. It’s all so fun and fresh.

Anna (aka my BFF) took her dress very seriously. I like how she has carefully and regally placed her hands softly in front of her dress for the photo. She’s possibly a bit young and a bit short for it to work 100% but it’s super pretty. And she’s my BFF so thumbs up.

Viola and Catherine are giving masterclasses in how to wear red, as is Allison who was definitely a highlight of the night. She went for drama head to toe and it worked.

Now! Enough love. Time for some truth.

From left to right:

From left to right: Claire Danes, Keira Knightley, Kerry Washington, Lena Dunham, Kate Mara

Claire: couch.

Keira only wore this so she didn’t incur the wrath of the 30 Chanel employees that created this monstrosity. She even said in her interview on the red carpet she was frightened. #savekeira

Kerry Washington, no. Don’t do this again. A two-toned shiny disaster.

If the dress had actually fit Lena it would have been ok. So ill fitting around the middle. I’m assuming it’s on purpose because that’s how she rolls.

Kate Mara’s belt confuses me.

From left to right: Zosia Mamet, Rosamund Pike, Sienna Miller, Kristen Wiig

From left to right: Zosia Mamet, Rosamund Pike, Sienna Miller, Kristen Wiig

Zosia is after work drinks at the local club on top, early 00s prom on the bottom.

Rosamund Pike is a chatty lady! I saw her red carpet interview, she barely let Seacrest get a word in (this is a good thing). She even used the word ‘astonished’. Love to have a champagne with her, but this dress is doing her no favours. The top is tacked on like a strange, ill-fitting apron type thing and the cutouts unfortunately make her appear larger than she is. Which is not large at all.

Eh Sienna. Maybe it’s not the dress I don’t like but Sienna herself?

And I hate to hate it Kristen, but I do. I really do.

Now for the good stuff. The boys.

From left to right:

From left to right: Edward Norton, Channing Tatum, Steve Carrell, Joshua Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Bomer.

OMG Edward Norton looked adorable! He does not age.

Channing and Jenna almost won my best couple. Team Tatum fo sho.

Speaking of age, Steve Carrell just gets better with it. The glasses, the salt and pepper scruff, the impeccable tailoring, it’s all working for him. Love. It.

Pacey will always have my heart.

Jake enters the scene and suddenly my opposition to beards is nowhere to be found. He is just right.

And Matt Bomer is a total freaking dreamboat in blue. Absolutely the best dressed male. Bomer for life.

The best dressed couple was snatched narrowly from the Tatums by Pacey and Diane, because: PACEY.

Best dressed couple Joshua Jackson and Dianne Kruger

Best dressed couple Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger.

And finally, I saw Paul Rudd during the show. He is an ageless, adorable man.

Paul Rudd and Jeff Goldblum

Paul Rudd and Jeff Goldblum

He is seriously delightful. Where can I get one?

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2014 was the year I…

Happy New Year’s Eve! I am very ready for 2015. This year has been from one end of the scale to the other. In some ways it’s been awesome, the best year in a long time. But there have been some low spots. If I can say anything positive about 2014 it’s that this is the year that woke me up. I had felt for so long that I had been sleepwalking through my life, but in 2014 I made a few big, overdue changes to my life – mostly my career – and as a result I feel reenergised in many ways. I’m looking forward to taking the good from those changes into a better 2015.

2014 was the year I…

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  1. Started working for myself, which has stretched me creatively and in many other ways. It’s been completely worth it.
  2. Learnt the hard way that when it comes to money people – whether it’s people you know, or people you don’t know – are sometimes total assholes. I mean, this was something I knew, but I got a first-hand dose of it this year.
  3. Spent the year in recovery mode. Last year I got sick, with this respiratory thing, and when the Dr said it would take months to recover, well he really meant months. It’s been a long road to building up my energy and fitness again and I’m still ages away from being where I was. I am so thankful that I’m generally a healthy person.
  4. Sadly sad goodbye to Mama.
  5. Welcomed the bundle of joy that is my second niece Abby. She is just baby perfection and we all love her.
  6. Went to Movie World and instead of going on the rides watched Mia go on all the kids’ stuff. So fun, in a different way.
  7. Went to the Julia Creek Dirt and Dust triathlon as “media” and managed to get a story I wrote in the paper.
  8. Went to Sydney twice. The first time to learn about SEO (search engine optimisation), which super hurt my head.
  9. Converted my parents to fish tacos. This is like, a big deal. These are meat and three veg eaters.
  10. Was the only person in the world not to like Interstellar, at all. Sorry, Matthew McConaughey.
  11. Rescued a sheep from being bogged in a creek. I am so rural now.
  12. Climbed Table Top!
  13. Missed live music. I went to John Butler Trio in March. He was great as usual, but the whole time I felt tired and like I wanted to sit down. Later in the year I actually won tickets to see James Vincent McMorrow and was unreasonably happy it was an “intimate performance” with allocated seating. Oh, the relief. Also, I can no longer be among the young people in those situations. There is too much talking and selfie taking and watching the concert through their iPhones. I’m officially old.
  14. Refined my procrastination techniques, which are mostly eating and staring out windows.
  15. Re-read Harry Potter. Obviously.
  16. Wondered why Taylor Swift was singing about Starbucks Lovers.
  17. Wondered why everyone was getting about without pants on. Miley, Taylor, Beyonce, they’re all just getting about with no pants on these days. I’m over it. Put your pants back on.
  18. Wished for Christmas that beards would be done in 2015.
  19. Became obsessed with the Walking Dead. Beyond levels obsessed. Daryl Dixon for life. Heart.
  20. Picked up a pair of Mimco sandals on sale from $150 to $25. Score!

Thank you for reading in 2014!

Hanging out at the Sydney Finders Keepers Markets

I recently went to Sydney to help my clever friend The Smallest Tribe for a weekend at the Finders Keepers Markets. The Smallest Tribe sells organic clothes for kids, so my job for the weekend was to be pack horse, driver (in Sydney! eep!), booth bitch and all-round cheerleader.

We had an awesome time. The markets were a fantastically eclectic selection of lovely handmade clothes, jewellery, art, food and more, located in an old industrial building that just screamed INSTAGRAM ME!  Normally my theory on markets is: seen one, seen them all. But the Finders Keepers Markets exceeded my expectations.

After the markets were over we had one free day in Sydney. We took advantage of having a hire car and my new found driving in Sydney confidence (turns out Brisbane traffic isn’t much worse) to head out to the beaches. We checked out Coogee, Clovelly, Bronte and did a drive-by of Bondi. The beaches are all unreal, short stretches of white sand with powerful pounding surf that’s the most amazing colour, it needs no filter. Coogee is my new favourite spot, maybe second to Manly, and next time I go back to Sydney I think I’ll stay there.

On Monday 15 December we headed to the airport, extra early because we are “just in case” travellers. Lucky we did; it took ages to get through security. Once we got through it was about 10am. We grabbed ourselves the obligatory Krispy Kreme donut and wandered to our gates. We passed a TV broadcasting that some kind of seige was happening in Sydney, but we barely paused to take in the details. I didn’t think it could be anything other than a domestic situation, and while worrying, I honestly had no comprehension of what horror was about to play out on our TV screens for the next 24 hours. It wasn’t until we were just about to board our planes we checked our phones. The news sites and our Twitter feeds were full of the seige. I thought it would be over when I landed. I was wrong.

That night, safe in my bed miles away I closed my eyes hoping for a peaceful resolution. We know now that wasn’t to be.

What has happened in Sydney is unprecedented for our country. It is horrifying, terrifying and just plain heartbreaking. But there has been so much (too much?) said on social media, blogs, news sites, newspapers and radios about this seige already. The only thing I’ll add my voice to is how sad I am for the families of Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson. I can’t begin to understand how they’re going to face this Christmas, this year, this life without the people they loved.

The rest of this post will be dedicated to showing you how beautiful Sydney is through the lens of my iPhone. Every time I go to Sydney I fall in love with it a little bit more, this trip was no different.

It was rainy and cold when we arrived. This is summer in Sydney?

It was rainy and cold when we arrived. This is summer in Sydney?

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I always seem to stay near this pub…

Setting up for Finders Keepers

Setting up for Finders Keepers

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The view from my bedroom

The view from my bedroom

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

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Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Beach

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Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 presetBondi BeachProcessed with VSCOcam with g1 preset

The Rocks

The Rocks

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f1 presetSo that Christmas sprinkles Krispy Kreme was quite the way to end a trip!